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Murmur is pleased to announce its first duo exhibition, Sculpting Surfaces, at firma Brussels. The exhibition will feature a curated selection of works by the two Brussels-based artists Charlotte Stuby and João Freitas.

Both artists have a unique approach to exploring and transforming materials. Charlotte uses fabric and threads as a medium for storytelling, while João transforms materials he finds into new realities. They breathe new life and meaning into the materials they work with, introducing new significance that transcends their typical properties and original purpose. By adding or removing layers and altering and shaping the texture, the artists achieve depth in their works.


Join us for the opening night on Thursday 30 November between 17h and 21h in the presence of the artists and murmur founders.

Practical information

Opening night on Thursday 30 November, 17h - 21h
Visiting hours: 1 December – 21 December, open from Monday to Friday, 9h - 17h

firma, Rue Locquenghien 35,
1000 Brussels, Belgium


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