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Brussels based textile artist Charlotte Stuby

Charlotte Stuby

1989 | based in Brussels

After a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at ECAL in Lausanne (CH), the swiss born artist, Charlotte Stuby continued her studies in Belgium and obtained a Master’s degree in Textile Design at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent in 2017.

Charlotte defines her practice as mostly narrative textile installations. In her work the artist explores the possibilities of using textile as a medium in its material and symbolic scope. Lithographed, embroidered or sewn, the installations that she creates have a relatively naive aesthetic, combining abstract and organic forms. She interprets popular representations from her personal experience by transforming mental images relating to identity and memory into symbols or sometimes imaginary logos.

Her work is always created for the specific exhibition space where it will be shown. By doing this she wishes to question and transform the exhibition space by offering a different reading of the space. Charlotte wishes the viewer to see the space differently by creating fictions while being anchored in a present.

Read our interview with Charlotte Stuby.

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