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Murmur is a contemporary art platform, aiming to promote artists based in Luxembourg, Belgium and Greece, while building a bridge between artists and art enthusiasts across Europe. Selected artists working with different mediums are invited to share their experiences and thoughts which will paint the context of their artistic practice, while letting Murmur’s audience see behind the closed doors of their studios and artists’ spaces.
Murmur, as its name suggests, reveals our small and exciting conversations around the discovery of new artists and artworks. Our platform wishes to encourage an open dialogue between artists and art devotees, through the stirring process of discovering and collecting artworks produced by a younger generation of contemporary artists.

Our online platform provides visitors with comprehensive information about the artists through their bios and interviews and a selection of their artworks are available for purchase. In addition, our online presence is complemented by the occasional organization of physical exhibitions.

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The founders, Atena Abrahimia (from Luxembourg and based in Brussels) and Eva Zmpogko (based in Athens) met during their Masters in Culture Studies at The Lisbon Consortium. Both art lovers have gathered experiences and practice in the contemporary art field by working in art galleries, art institutions and art fairs. Arte Murmur is the result of their personal journeys in the arts and their shared ideas/vision of the art world.

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