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Pavlos Tsakonas | Artistic CV


2003 - 2008: Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens (GR) 


2021: I Can See Your House From Here, House N Athen 2, Athens (GR)

2021: Against The Linear, curated by Konstantinos Lianos, KEIV, Athens (GR) 

2020: They Are Already Here, You Are Next, Allouche Benias gallery, Athens (GR)

2020: Counting approximately 1,5m, Curated by Alexandros Psychoulis, Aantonopoulou  gallery, Athens (GR)  

2019: In Total Light, Curated by George Benias, Allouche Benias gallery, Athens (GR)

2019: To Construct The Gender, Curated by George Kalyvis, Aantonopoulou gallery, Athens (GR)  

2019: Manual Of The Perfect Traveler, Curated by Maria Dialektaki, SNEHTA, Athens (GR)

2019: Encountering The Cosmos, Curated by Orestis Andreadakis, Momus, TIFF, Thessaloniki (GR)  

2018: Accidental Encounters, Curated by Hyperlink, Grace, Athens (GR) 

2018: Shell, Politics Of Being, Curated by Kostas Prapoglou, 15th HighSchool of Kypseli, Athens (GR)  

2017: Scorpio(s) Rising, DailyLazyProjects, Athens (GR) 

2017: Homo Faber, Magister, CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery, Athens (GR) - solo 

2016: Something Of Exquisite Beauty, Elika gallery, Athens (GR) 

2015: The Misfits, CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery, Athens, (GR)

2015: Kenophobia, CAN  Christina Androulidaki gallery, Athens (GR) 

2015: Parallel Vienna 2015, Kunstraum am Shauplatz, Vienna (AT) 

2015: The Element Of The Ground, Artwall project space, Athens (GR)

2015: Imago Mundi, Luciano Bennetton Collection, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venecia (IT) 

2014: Light Walls, Κunstraum am Shauplatz, Wienier Art Foundation, Vienna (AT)


2014: Dayz Of Glory, Athens (GR) 

2014: Today, Painting, Vogiatzoglou collection, Athens (GR) 

2014: Parallel Vienna 2014, Κunstraum am Shauplatz, Vienna (AT) 

2014: Waf Review, Kunstraum am Shauplatz, Vienna (AT)

2013: Wunderkammer, CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery, Athens (GR) - solo

2013: Thrills and Chills, Daily Lazy Projects, CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery, Athens (GR) 

2013: What Lies Hidden Remains Unfamiliar, ReMapKM, CAN Christina Androulidaki  gallery, Athens (GR) 

2013: Lustland vol.III, curated by Nadjia Argyropoulou, Argolida (GR)

2013: Public Issues, New Moon, OpenShowStudio, Athens (GR) 

2013: Preview from the Permanent Collection of Tsakonas & Alexandridis Foundation, Empros Theater, Athens (GR)  

2012: Controlled Explosion, True Romance, Dynamo Project Space, Thessaloniki (GR)

2012: Visual artist in Greece, Intercontinental, Athens (GR) 

2012: Hosted in Athens, P O S T, Athens (GR) 

2012: Souls from the streets, Neorio Moro, Chania (GR) 

2012: Breeder Easter, The Breeder gallery, Athens (GR)  

2011: 12 new visual artists, Melina Merkouri Cultural Foundation, Athens (GR)

2011: Undisclosed Recipients, T.A.F., Athens (GR)  

2011: The collection: S.Karamanolis - T.Plumi, XYZ projects, Athens (GR)

2011: Contemporary life documentation, Open Show Studio, Athens (GR)

2011: New Depiction, GK art gallery, Athen (GR) - solo

2010 : Demo #1, Dynamo project space, Thessaloniki (GR) 

2010: Walk the Line, Animafest, Lais, Athens (GR) 

2010: No money just honey, A.antonopoulou Art gallery, Athens (GR)

2010: Visual arts contest, Ioannina Cultural Center, University of Ioannina, Ioannina (GR) 

2010: Athens Open Studios, Athens (GR) 

2010: The Vitrina Project, Open Show Studio, Athens (GR) 

2010: Athens School of Fine Arts-Ypeka, Painting on Blind sides of buildings, Athens (GR)  

2009: Urban Approaches, Skouze 3, Athens (GR) 

2009: Turbulent times, T.A.F., Athens (GR) 

2009: Nestle art, Technopolis, Athens (GR) 

2009: Graduate show 2007-08, ASFA, "Nikos Kessanlis" hall, Athens (GR)  

2008: Degree show, Athens School of Fine Arts, "Nikos Kessanlis" hall, Athens (GR)

2008: Biennale Maris, Athens and Crete, Greece “Postbank Contest”, Athens (GR)  


Works in public space 

2021: Zero One More, Mural for Victoria Square Project,VSP, Athens (GR) 

2020: Hawk awk wk k, Mural commissioned by Stavros Niarchos Foundation + ArtWorks, Vamvakou (GR)  

2019: Hands, Two, Curated by Vasia Christou, Athens and Epidaurus Festival, Athens (GR)  

2019: Untitled mural curated by Panos Giannikopoulos for Nolan (Proveleggios), Athens (GR)   

2011: Untitled mural for “Athens School of Fine Arts-Ypeka, Painting on Blind sides of buildings”, Athens (GR)  

Awards & Fellowships
2018: ARTWORKS fellowship, Stavros Niarchos Foundation

2010: 3rd Award “Athens School of Fine Arts-Ypeka, Painting on Blind sides of buildings”

2008: 2nd Award, Postbank contest 

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