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Eleni Tsamadia

Eleni Tsamadia

1994 | based in Athens

Eleni Tsamadia is a visual artist and researcher based in Athens. She received her bachelor's and proceed to her master's degree at the ASFA. She was a teaching assistant at D' lab of ASFA and currently works with children on the subject of art in migrant communities in Athens.

Her research and art practice focuses on the depiction of the body in contemporary imagery and the impression these images create. The main purpose of her research and art practice is mapping and improving the potential of performance in the Anthropocene. The media she uses are painting and performance and she aims to reclaim the (feminine) depiction (both in history and in present times).

The artist perceives performance as a temporal, natural process, through which the body communicates its desires and fantasies, thus claiming the autonomy of its existence. Her paintings, in this context, are a constant self-referential performance in which she seeks her relationship with materiality, the body, and the definition of its limits.

The genre Eleni works with, within her art, research, and political involvement/action, is Body Politics in the sense of healing cultural traumas, addressing non-violent practices in art and culture (post-colonial practices), and creating material and material co-habitats for our future and in present.

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Picture by Vincent Meyrignac


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