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Pavlos Tsakonas

Pavlos Tsakonas

1983 | based in Athens

Pavlos Tsakonas studied fine arts in the Athens School Of Fine Arts. 

In his work we find mainly painting mediums that develop in different sizes and surfaces while his subjects explore a wide range of sources and references, banality, polar concepts and unknown territories. His practice can be described as an effort to express the complexity of human condition with simple ways.  


He has had three solo exhibitions (GKart, 2011, CAN gallery, 2013 & 2017), large scale works in public space in collaboration with ASKT (2011), Athens and Epidaurus Festival (2019) and other interventions in private spaces. In 2018 he was selected by the 1st SNF Artist Fellowship Program by ARTWORKS.


He has participated in numerous group exhibition such as Shell, Politics Of Being curated by K.Prapoglou (2018), In Total Light at Allouche Benias gallery in Athens (2019), Overview Effect, TiFF at MoMus in Thessaloniki (2019), To Construct the Gender, curated by G.Kalyvis at AAntonopoulou gallery in Athens (2019), Against The Linear curated by K.Lianos at KEIV in Athens (2021), Open-Ended at Zoumboulakis Galleries in Athens (2022).

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